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Free Social Media Marketing Platform Worth an Entire Department

Bring the world’s attention to your brand, engage your audience and drive sales


Easily Grow Your Brand’s Visibility On Social Media


1. Uncover rivals' winning strategies

  • Identify the best social media channel to reach your target audience
  • Find out how competitors generate engagement
  • Understand what type of content performs better in your niche

2. Create and distribute content that brings engagement

  • Get personalized content creation ideas
  • Identify the best performing hashtags
    and time for posting
  • Save time on content distribution by
    scheduling posts in advance

3. Monitor incoming messages and provide quick responses

  • Easily manage communication on major social media platforms
  • Identify brand reputation risks at an early stage
  • Label and sort messages related to a specific workflow

4. Get analytical insights and improve your results

  • Check out full analysis of your results and data-driven improvement recommendations
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors
  • Set up automated email reporting

Get result from social media whatever your role is

Save time and money on managing social media and still get amazing results.

We help business owners to focus on growing their business by automating crucial social media management processes.

Find out how competitors get engagement, automate content distribution, and get data-driven improvement recommendations.


In 2021, we saved businesses 4,000,000+ hours
on social media marketing.

“The Semrush social media poster is probably the most comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use social media publishing, scheduling and analytics tool out there, and I had used @buffer and @FalconIO for years.”


Frederik Hermann

Vice President of Marketing, Saleshood

“Social Tracker from SEMrush is a tool that can help - it will analyze your (and your competitors’) audience preferences so that you can start delivering content they’ll enjoy”


Mahek Dugar

“My boss always tells me to ‘Work smarter, not harde’ ... that’s exactly what the SEMrush Social Tracker is and does - simply put, it’s AMAZING!”

Jamie Barren

Event Planning and Online Marketing, JBP Events

“Love the Semrush social media tools - tracking, scheduling & benchmarking / ideas!”


Phil Drinkwater

Business Coach, Phil Drinkwater Coaching

“The Social Poster from SEMrush is amazing! It’s miles more reliable than other top schedulers. All of my accounts have stayed connected and the analytics are amazing!”


Ashley Madden

Marketing Strategist, Helianthus Advising

“Tracking social media campaigns is very handy to determine what types of content shares are more effective and bring in the most interaction and traffic conversions.”


Shane Schimpf

Entrepreneur & Consultant, Comeback Marketing LLC

Build a winning social media strategy.
Beat the market. Set up your free Semrush Social account.