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24/7 Competitor Monitoring

Automated. Smart. Timely.

EyeOn is an automated 24/7 competitor tracker that keeps you updated on competitors’ every move.
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Check competitors’ promo activities
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360° Competitive Tracking With

Stay up-to-speed with competitors’ content strategies
Be in the know about your rivals’ most promoted products
Follow competitors’ promo activity trends to see if you need to catch up

EyeOn: Competitor Monitoring Made Easy

We know that keeping watch on your competitors is one of the most important yet time-consuming parts of any marketer's job. So we’ve made it really easy for you!

Step 1.

Simply enter your rival’s domain into our competitor tracker and get an overview of their promo tactics.

Step 2.

Track competitors’ newly added web pages, news releases, blog posts, and social media activity for insights into product releases, pricing changes, and promotions.

Step 3.

Check if your rivals launch new promotional campaigns and make note of their most advertised products.

Step 4.

Take early action when you spot an unusual spike or some other activity trend you haven't seen before.

And make use of historical data to pinpoint seasonality or other promotional strategies from your competitors.

Step 5.

Keep a close eye on select competitors and set the tool to receive weekly updates on their promo efforts directly to your inbox.

Get the latest updates from competitors for FREE

All you need to get the report on your competitors’ promo activities is to enter their domain and complete a free registration.
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