Members are encouraged to participate in assisting officers, or chairing a special committee in one of the following areas:

Education Conference

Annual Education Conference which is currently a half day seminar. The Committee Prepares the agenda, reserves room space, decides on menus, obtains speakers, coordinates material distributions, reserve equipment, obtain sponsors, advertise and promote the annual Education Conference. Other duties may include obtaining gifts for speakers, door prizes (optional), and creating special themes. This committee works closely with the Program Chairman to coordinate this event.

Program Committee

Coordinates and plans bi-monthly meetings, obtains speakers, reserves room, and coordinates with hotel staff meeting room comfort, arranges food choices, advertises meeting, sets agenda.

Nominating Committee

Every two years, this committee prepares nominations for new officers. Officers serve for two years. Committee members contact current members for interest, obtain biographies, and prepare list for the Board’s presentation to the membership for a vote.

Website Committee

Coordinate with WebMaster updates to current website.

Membership Committee

This committee keeps attendance records, membership details, serves as member/guest check-in hostess, maintains member badges, sends out meeting announcements, invites guests as requested. Committee also designs events to promote new member drives, bills members for dues once a year, contacts members who have not been attending.

Audit Committee

One or two members review the Treasurer’s books every two years prior to the new officer installation.

CPE/CCM/CTP Credit Certifications

This committee maintains the CPE/CCM certificates for each meeting and makes them available to members seeking to obtain credits.

If you are interested in joining a committee, contact one of the board members.